Why should you donate?

Young people (care leavers) who step out of childcare institutions (CCIs like orphanages/shelter homes) at the legal adulthood age of 18 will not have the support system that family provides for other young people their age.

In our residential Bridge Program, such young people will receive support for 3-5 years while they study/learn skills and build their capacity to lead independent lives.

In India, 2.1 million orphan children are in the age group of 15-17 years and are advancing towards adulthood. It’s the responsibility of our society to support these young people who will otherwise have to struggle on their own in the world. 

Your donation will help lay the foundation for a fulfilling, secure and meaningful life.

What will your donation be used for?

With your donation, we can reach out to more care leavers in need and provide them a place to live, learn and leap towards a better future. The money will allow one more care leaver, who would otherwise be alone without many options, to join our Bridge Program.

Your monthly contribution will give a young person the chance at making a better life for himself/herself. They can learn skills, study higher education, get the stability of a home, eat nutritious food, receive mentor-ship and guidance

The cost per month of one young person is Rs.25,000/-

 What will it be used for?How does it help a young person grow?
Rs.3,000/-Care ExpensesTeachers, facilitators, coaches, mentors can become a       part of young people’s lives.
Rs.5,000/-Living ExpensesA home with facilities that will provide a stable and secure atmosphere.
Rs.7,000/-  Food ExpensesNutritious food that young people will need during crucial, growing years to build their health.
Rs.10,000/-Investment in FutureCollege education, Professional courses, Skilling courses, Enabling job opportunities

We accept donations ONLY from Indian citizens and your donation is eligible for exemption under 80G.

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