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How will we support care leavers?

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Meet R, who entered a Child Care Institution (CCI) at 14. During his time in the CCI, R completed his 12th standard and received comprehensive training in various areas, including computers, art (painting), guitar, French, and graphic designing. He was guided in crucial life skills such as nutrition and health, fitness, conflict resolution, and effective communication. However, after leaving the CCI, R faced financial obstacles that hindered his pursuit of higher education. Despite being selected for a B.Arch program at NIT, he couldn't enroll due to insufficient funds. R found himself living with two friends in shared accommodation, working to make ends meet and worrying about his future. His challenging experience post-CCI highlights the crucial need for support programs for care leavers as they transition into independent adulthood.

At WeLive Foundation, we understand the unique needs of care leavers like R. Our program is built on two pillars: Well-being and Work-readiness. By focusing our efforts on these two areas, we ensure that care leavers receive the necessary guidance and skills to live independently and thrive.

Program Pillars

Well-Being Pillar

Work-Readiness Pillar

Work Readiness

One of our crucial requirements is enabling care leavers to work part-time or full-time jobs while they are with us. We believe that earning income and being responsible for their needs during their time at WeLive Foundation fosters self-reliance, self-respect, freedom, and dignity. We support their present needs while investing in their future, ensuring they have the necessary resources to become independent adults. Our high-quality facilities, caregiving, and guidance create an environment of care and affection within a vibrant community living. Additionally, our robust peer and mentor network further nurtures their growth and development.

With these design principles at the core of our program, we have the potential to reach and positively impact thousands of young people across multiple cities through the replication of our successful model.

“Unless we are able to look at care and Aftercare as a continuum of care, we are doing a disservice to our care leaving youth.”
Child Rights Expert, Karnataka

Our Values

Our values provide the socio-emotional web of support for the young people who come to live with us after they step out of child care institutions.

The values that we stand by are care, respect, affection, freedom, trust (CRAFT) for and among all our stakeholders. Our CRAFT values will provide a positive, enabling environment for the youngsters in which judgement of any kind will be suspended.

The two pillars of our program, which are well-being and work readiness, rise on the foundation of our CRAFT values.

Our Role

With the provision of aftercare centres where care leavers can live (residential facility), learn (our program and values), work (support for part-time/full-time work), WeLive Foundation will build their strength to step out into the world as capable and independent individuals.

“Youth who leave the CCI, without support, will start considering themselves as a failure. It is not easy to be accepted by this society and to reintegrate on one’s own.”
Care Leaver, Rajasthan

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