Join us in supporting care leavers as they step into the world

Why do we exist?

Children living in institutional care are forced to leave, abruptly, the only homes they have known when they turn 18. They face the world ill prepared, often with disastrous results, undoing whatever good work the institutional care has done.

WeLive Foundation was formed  to address the needs of young adults, who leave child care institutions at the age of 18.  Our purpose is to support them to live independently and integrate with society. 

Care Leavers, who leave care institutions at the age of 18, will benefit from  a 3-5 year transition program when they leave care. A transition program is required as they may find it difficult to fend for themselves at the young age of 18.  This transition program will ease them into the world with confidence, skills, required mental and physical health.  Read more.

What do we do?

WeLive will provide a residential 3-5 year programme of transition to enable them to go forth into the world gently and slowly – with optimism, confidence, skills and a plan for a fulfilling, secure and meaningful life.

Their time at WeLive Foundation will  enable them to lead an independent life. The program will focus on building the strength of these young people on their well-being and work-readiness front.  Read More.


“We too are humans. We have our dreams and goals. We should not let anyone stand in the way of our dreams. Just because we are vulnerable does not mean we cannot dream and work to achieve them.” – Care leaver, Maharashtra.  (Source)