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If you are between 16-20 years and looking to collaborate , contribute and change status quo in our society…

Have you imagined being forced to leave home at 18 unsure of where you will spend the night?

Every year nearly 60,000 18 year olds who don’t have families to support them and who grow up in child care homes; find themselves in this situation. 

Do you think something should be done about this? 

We think its possible, but it needs people like you to do this with us!

In these two months you will understand and dwelve deeper into the poverty cycle, meet and work together with young people from far less privileged than yourselves to research, create and test communications and mobilise resources. What’s cool is that its not all in the classroom, its being out there in the thick of where all the action is!


Your facilitators


About the Course


Working alongside peers from WeLive would be a new experience one that would demand empathy and new ways of working  to get the best out of each other.

Community Engagement 

Going beyond classroom learning and immersing oneself in the field to get a fresh perspective and verify assumptions and break stereotypes would be an essential part of this internship.

Strategic engagement 

Wicked problems in society are those that don’t have a simple cause effect. Poverty and its impact on children and the issues of child protection is one such that you will learn to unravel.

Research project

Secondary research on Child care Institutions and care leavers. This project will inform the organisation’s strategy and planning process.

Communications project 

Creating communication tool for internal communications eg. Induction module for new young people joing the program. In addition to create material for the website and social meadia on impacts and human stories.

Fundraising project

Create a fundraising strategy, communications plan. Reach out to potential donors, build a dashboard of funds collected.

How could this help you?

The WeLive residential bridge program works with young people who have completed 18 years. Like yourself they have dreams and aspirations as they enter adulthood but no family to guide them and no financial backing. 

They live in WeLive for 6 months to 2 years and complete their education and get the support needed to become independent. 

Interning at WeLive helps you to engage , reflect and act along with them to bring a positive change. In the process you learn and can fulfil the goals of your Community Action and Service Project(CAS).

The output of your research project will help the organization in their advocacy efforts, the communication outputs will be reflected on their website and social media and fundraising efforts will be recognized in their reports and the letter of recognition.

Internship Schedule

July 1-September 1 

Weekdays 5-8pm online

Saturdays – 2-5pm offline, Bangalore