COVID Outreach Program

What action did we take?

Our Workshops

WeLive Foundation ran online workshops for children in CCIs in Bengaluru from June 2020 till December 2020 with the help of trained professionals. These workshops were built on the 2 pillars of our Bridge Program and they ran for more than 10-12 weeks in the CCIs with sessions being held weekly once or twice or thrice for 60-90 minutes each.


The workshops were intended as a free space for children to interact, express and think during corona times when they were confined and unable to lead their normal lives. The confinement deprived them of meaningful adult interaction and the altered way of living left them confused and lost. The workshops provided them much-needed respite and a supportive, non pressurising atmosphere for them to pause and reflect. The feedback was encouraging with participants and CCIs saying that the workshops were a new and useful learning experience for them. 


Learner-centric teaching methodology, different tools of storytelling, neuro-linguistic programming, peer learning, group discussions, games, online teaching aids were used in these sessions. The challenges of online medium, limited device access, schedule constraints were overcome to ensure effective delivery of sessions where each individual participant got ample opportunity to learn and perform. The facilitators who handled the sessions were certified coaches, experienced, invested professionals and the expertise and involvement they brought ensured content quality and delivery. 


The workshops were designed to improve the capability of participants in English, communication, confidence, motivation, problem-solving, time management, self-care, habit formation, positive thinking, managing emotions, creativity etc. WeLive Foundation also helped youth in and alumni of these CCIs get access to the right kind of career expertise/advice in their chosen field to counsel them. 

Another purpose was to encourage the participants to realise their inherent capacity and set higher targets for themselves through the provision of a positive, appreciative, non-judgmental atmosphere in the workshops.


WeLive Foundation reached out to 111 children across 8 organisations through these workshops and engaged with them for around 100 hours across 10-12 weeks.

What change do you see in yourself because of the workshop sessions?

“I have seen that I have got some confidence and I can solve my problems by myself.”
“I learnt to solve problems and find a solution and also think positive.”